Phyllis Baker Bio


Phyllis Baker – Senior Account Executive

Phyllis is the resident artist and all-around eclectic member of CWA’s staff. With a career that has taken her literally from coast to coast, Phyllis settled in Albuquerque in 1988 and has applied her vastly creative talents to a variety of client projects. She is a studious thinker who attacks challenging tasks with excitement and energy, always arriving at innovative solutions. A ravenous reader and technology-lover, Phyllis lives among mountains of books, as well as her beloved iPad (she and co-worker Dana trade triumphs in their evening Words with Friends matches). She enjoys sharing her equally voracious love of music with co-workers, listening to everything from Bollywood to opera, from disco to blues. Phyllis also spends much of her time with family, including her sweet puppy Jasmine, dashes to her print studio when she can and reminisces about a recent vacation in India.