The Team

  • Cristofer Romero Bio

    Cristofer Romero – Account Coordinator

    A CWA newbie, Cris recently graduated from UNM with a BA in American Studies and Political Science. He brings amazing organizational skills to CWA, as well as knowledge in the areas of database management, research and social media, all honed in past positions at a national laboratory, for a technical conference and in a law firm. While he is currently the only petless CWA-er (visit our conference room and you’ll see our collective love of critters), Cris is actively reconsidering this status as he works on his goal to watch every Academy Award-winning “Best Picture” film. Cris loves politics, puzzles, Halloween and the flavors of fall (say what??), and claims to make a mean chicken street taco!

  • Dana Bloomquist Bio

    Dana Bloomquist – Senior Account Executive

    A longtime communications professional, Dana’s diverse communications career includes work within the financial and defense electronics industries, nonprofits, magazines and education. Since joining CWA, Dana’s passions and skills have been focused on working with healthcare, early childhood and education clients from around the state. An eagle-eyed editor and proofreader, her commitment to ensuring her clients receive the best quality of work is unmatched. She admits to being a night owl, avoiding 7am meetings like the plague (but will attend if enticed with enough good coffee). Dana is proud mom of a USAF airman, and equally proud of her extended step family, which includes four kids and 13 grandkids. Reading (a good murder mystery is always fun), bowling (had high average in her league this year), trying to defeat her co-worker Phyllis in a Words with Friends challenge, and camping and kayaking under New Mexico’s big skies are just a few of her favorite activities. A true animal lover, Dana currently has two felines and three canines roaming her home.

  • Maita Swartz Bio

    Maita Swartz – Business Manager

    Maita is CWA’s resident number-cruncher and contract mastermind, overseeing clients’ budgets, business overhead and cash flow projections, maintaining the agency’s commitment to being good stewards of our clients’ budgets and contracts. With a history of working her financial magic for restaurants, an equipment management company and a national animation firm, Maita’s skills are both invaluable and feared by her math-deficient co-workers (who shall remain unnamed). She is a true lover of Halloween and hosts a major spook party that is not for the faint-of-heart. She’s an avid volleyball player, gourmet home chef and is interested in all things bugs…yes, bugs.

  • Mario Sanchez Bio

    Mario Sanchez – Account Executive

    Mario joined CWA in 2014 after more than nine years of working as a political communications consultant for local, statewide and national campaigns. He brings his own brand of creativity, unbridled enthusiasm and love of restaurant patios to the agency. Since joining CWA, Mario’s skills have been focused on implementing statewide and local education campaigns, brand development and public relations strategies. A true morning warrior, Mario is usually in the gym while the sun is still rising, enjoys reading about the Founding Founders (Alexander Hamilton being a personal favorite), evening baseball games, wine festivals and weekends with his family and super pup, Franklin.

  • Patti Watson Bio

    Patti Watson – President

    CWA’s president brings more than 34 years of communications and marketing experience to the agency. As the agency’s head honcho (or honcha?), Patti diligently works to ensure every client receives the care and personal attention CWA has cultivated for 29 years. Under her leadership, CWA has become one of New Mexico’s most established and trusted strategic communications agencies. Patti’s vast experience includes working as a crime reporter, managing multi-million-dollar marketing and communications campaigns in the United States and Canada, nonprofit marketing and communicating large infrastructure projects to hundreds – and thousands – of stakeholders. When she’s not on the phone working with and advocating for clients, she can be found building partnerships between public and private enterprises and looking for new opportunities.  In her so-called “off” time, Patti reads countless nonfiction and fiction books, tries her hand at creative (sometimes edible, sometimes not) cooking, and enjoys spending time with her husband and pack of seven beloved dogs and cats.

  • Phyllis Baker Bio

    Phyllis Baker – Senior Account Executive

    Phyllis is the resident artist and all-around eclectic member of CWA’s staff. With a career that has taken her literally from coast to coast, Phyllis settled in Albuquerque in 1988 and has applied her vastly creative talents to a variety of client projects. She is a studious thinker who attacks challenging tasks with excitement and energy, always arriving at innovative solutions. A ravenous reader and technology-lover, Phyllis lives among mountains of books, as well as her beloved iPad (she and co-worker Dana trade triumphs in their evening Words with Friends matches). She enjoys sharing her equally voracious love of music with co-workers, listening to everything from Bollywood to opera, from disco to blues. Phyllis also spends much of her time with family, including her sweet puppy Jasmine, dashes to her print studio when she can and reminisces about a recent vacation in India.

  • Travis Mansfield Bio

    Travis Mansfield – Administrative Assistant

    Travis is the glue holding the CWA operation together. Also new to CWA, his hands touch pretty much everything … from helping our business manager with bookkeeping, accounts payable and accounts receivable to greeting clients on the phone and in person; from managing inventory and fulfillment of materials for CWA clients to providing office support to CWA’s account executives. Travis is a native New Mexican who likes hanging out with his two bunnies, Thumper and Roo; likes to play lacrosse outdoors and video games indoors; obsesses over ramen noodles; and loves pho, Spam and rice (in one bowl???). When he’s not keeping the CWA plates spinning, he’s dreaming of a future life in Japan.