Case Study – Rio Rebate Program

Rio Rebate Program

Challenge: The Rio Rebate program was created to provide monetary incentive to residents and business owners who replace old inefficient toilets and washing machines with new, energy-efficient models. Working with the City of Rio Rancho, CWA would engage in a media campaign two to three times every six months with the goal of increasing participation in the rebate program.

Approach: CWA worked to communicate the compelling message that ‘saving water will make you money,’ coupled with a vintage ’50s-style visual campaign for the existing rebates program that was in need of more community exposure. CWA communicated the benefits of replacing water-guzzling appliances with low-flow alternatives through a multichannel message campaign using strategically placed billboards, full-color ads in the local newspaper, commercials in local movie theatres and media relations. This campaign used media that was deemed to most likely influence local residents to participate in the rebate program.

Results: The Rio Rebate program experiences increased participation that correlates to the media campaign two to three times every six months. At times, participation in the program increases by nearly 50%. Additional measurable results include:

  • 850 water-guzzling toilets replaced totaling $85,000 in distributed rebates for 2013-2014.
  • 542 inefficient washing machines replaced totaling $54,200 in distributed rebates for 2013-2014.
  • Communitywide savings of more than 14 million gallons of water due to an increase in water-saving appliance usage for 2013-2014.

Services: Media Placement, Creative Services, Owned Media, Public Relations, Market Targeting, Media Relations, Advertising

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