Planning & Insights

expertise-planningAt CWA Strategic Communications, information and data are prerequisites to the development of strategies and tactics that will have the most impact for clients. Our team believes that, before creating a campaign or crafting a message, our clients must understand their target audience(s). Insights into customers’ or clients’ needs are more than just understanding statistics; they offer the ability to focus on the fundamental motivation or message that drive their needs or personal connection to an issue. Further, insights enable us to adjust messages and media as we analyze our campaigns. This understanding allows CWA the ability and knowledge to strategically plan an effective and impactful campaign designed to meet the client’s goals and objectives while effectively engaging the audience.

Gaining understanding is at the core of everything we do at CWA Strategic Communications.


  • Focus Groups
  • Polling
  • Market Research
  • Intercept & Individual Interviews
  • Field Testing
  • Strategic Planning
  • Analytics

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